How A Well-Needed Message Therapy Session In Irvine Saved My Last Tour

How A Well-Needed Message Therapy Session In Irvine Saved My Last Tour

Hello once again, rockers and rockettes! Despite my advancing age and receding hairline, I am feeling VERY high energy today, which inspired me to put pen to paper (so to speak) and harken back to a not-so-distant past.

Why am I feeling so high energy, you may ask? Well, I recently rediscovered the incredible benefits of massage therapy, which means the searing pain I’ve been feeling in my T-band for the last year has FINALLY been taken care of!

One less-than-glamorous aspect of being a touring musician is the aches and pains you get from constantly sitting in a van day after day. As a younger man, I spent nearly 3/4 of the year on tour, so roughly 270 days ‘on the road.’

While you can spring back from this pretty easily as a younger man, the damage eventually wears you down. Once I hit middle age, visits to the physical therapist became a weekly necessity, and they begged me to start making some significant lifestyle changes.

Being a blockhead who refused to accept the reality of my aging body, I doggedly went back out on tour. A few weeks in, however, I was in so much pain I was having difficulty getting out of the hotel bed in the morning, let alone rocking on stage.

Talking the problem over with my bandmates and fellow travelers, I got the usual mixed bag of recommendations: self-medication, yoga, exercise. One older roadie mentioned that his bad back had been almost completely cured through the use of massage therapy, which sounded pretty good compared to the other options.

Wincing in pain as I stumbled through the doors of the nearest massage therapist, the girls at the counters took one look at me and cleared their schedules. This was going to take some work!

That first session was one of the most painful experiences of my life. They pounded me, stretched me out, and gave my muscles and joints a beating I would never forget. Grumbling about quackery, I limped out of the building and sped off to our next hotel, hoping to sleep it off.

Lo and behold, the next morning I felt better than I had in years! It was the first time I could remember getting to a show and not having to knock back a few shots of whiskey to dull the pain. I played better than ever, and I knew then that I had discovered my lifeline.

Once I retired, I picked up yoga and a healthier lifestyle, so I figured the need for massage therapy was now behind me. After a few years of enjoying the quiet life, the old pains began to catch up with me – but this time I was prepared.

After a cursory Google search for ‘messages near me‘, I drove up to Irvine for a place that had pretty solid reviews – Massage Matters. The masseuses used a wide variety of tools in addition to the typical massage techniques, which once again gave me a savage beating.

The effects, however, were just as startling as they were the first time I went. The aches and pains were gone, replaced by a pleasant tingling sensation.

If you are getting consistent aches and pains in your muscles and tendons, I’d heartily recommend giving massage therapy at Massage Matters a try. The team is top notch, and the work they do makes you feel like a million bucks. Call today:

Massage Matters


16525 Von Karman Ave E, Irvine, CA 92606

Organic Orange County Pest Control Removes Kitchen Termites

Organic Orange County Pest Control Removes Kitchen Termites

The other day I walked into my kitchen with a pep in my step, humming a nice riff, and then suddenly, the sight of my old wooden table gave me a flashback to a rather scary incident. I thought I’d reminisce and jog down memory lane.

I remember the incident as clear as day. I’m embarrassed to admit that I jumped out of my skin when I first saw them—the critters. I’ve never been great with bugs. They give me the heebie-jeebies! But once my shock subsided, I had a little chuckle at myself, and that’s when the real horror of the situation dawned on me: where there’s smoke, there’s fire. Those little buggers were signs of real termite damage somewhere in mi casa.

You may wonder why I was so scared of just a few bugs, but as it turns out, termites are a nightmare. There are a few different types including subterranean, which usually dwells beneath the house, and dry wood, which, you guessed it, thrives in dry wood.

These relentless invaders feast on cellulose found in wood and plants, essentially eating away at your home. The consequences include structural damage, which renders your living space unsafe and in need of costly repairs. If that’s not bad enough, termites can also encourage mold growth as they produce moisture when devouring wood. They multiply in the blink of an eye and are notoriously hard to detect, often causing significant damage before you even realize they were ever there.

Now if you’re hearing this and you’ve also seen termites squatting in your house like they own the place, you may be tempted to grab a trusty can of bug spray. But before you do, call a professional exterminator for an inspection of the infestation and a recommendation on the best solution.

Organic extermination can be just as effective as fumigation for lighter termite infestations. A solution of orange oil is one of the most popular environmentally friendly and organic treatments that kill termites without the invasive effects of tent fumigation. While chemical fumigation may be necessary for a severe termite infestation, I highly suggest looking into an organic termite specialist first and exploring the possibility of spot treating.

With the knowledge and experience that professional exterminators have, you can safely bet that your unwanted guests will get lost and stay out for good. My pals at Natural Science Exterminating employ organic treatments to deal with termites, using orange oil to give them the boot and a borate salt solution to keep them out. They’re even licensed to install TAP insulation, which is infused with borate that not only exterminates termites but also serves as an effective thermal and acoustic insulator.

When I made the call to Natural Science Exterminating, they arrived within 24 hours and conducted an inspection free of charge! Over a few days, they successfully exterminated the termites and even offered semi-annual or annual maintenance to keep them out for good.

As lucky as I am to have had natural exterminators put an end to my termite hell week, these memories serve as a warning to all property owners that termites are not to be underestimated. They’re sneaky, stubborn, and destructive, making them extremely hazardous and costly if left unaddressed. My advice is to get ahead of the damage they can cause—call an exterminator as soon as you realize you have an infestation, and consider if organic extermination may be something you’re interested in. For me, not only did it work pretty well as I haven’t had any unexpected guests since, but I ended up getting some new insulation out of the ordeal as well. 

May your homes be termite-free. Rock on!

If you’re dealing with a termite infestation or suspect that you have a termite infestation, contact Natural Science Exterminating for a free inspection.

Natural Science Exterminating
11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841