Getting Good With Gut Health Using A Zeolite Detox!

Getting Good With Gut Health Using A Zeolite Detox!

Welcome back, rockers and rockettes! Today, we’re going to discuss the topic of aging. I know it’s a subject I, in particular, don’t enjoy bringing up, but sometimes we just need to stare reality in the face.

In my rockin’ youth, I grew up in a working-class family in the 70’s and 80’s, which meant lots of TV dinners mixed with the occasional fast food. As I grew older and started my music career in earnest, the lack of money meant this diet didn’t change until well into my 20’s, when suddenly champagne and caviar were added to the mix.

Despite the wealth, my eating habits remained pretty terrible until I hit my 30’s and noticed a new and unwelcome spare tire growing around my midsection. Not only was I quickly becoming unable to fit into my old leather pants, I found myself nursing an upset stomach most days of the week.

Ever since, I’ve tried every diet and health kick in the books to try and get my digestive system back into gear with mixed results. Keto and an all-meat diet were terrible for my system, while pescatarian and vegetarianism seemed to have an opposite (but equally unwelcome) effect.

My diet coaches were finally able to create a complicated and bland diet that seemed to quiet things down a few years ago. Unfortunately, this wasn’t exactly an enjoyable way to live life – I felt like a Spartan living in the barracks with nary the occasional treat!

After the umpteenth breakfast of bland toast and eggs, I was fed up with it all and began to look for a solution that would fix the underlying problem: my gut health. The years of eating garbage had done a number on my intestinal health, and it was time I made amends with my digestive tract.

During my frantic research, I discovered a number of gut health supplements designed to assist those in desperate need like myself. The most powerful of which – Zeolite – seemed to be the miracle cure I had been searching for.

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral made from the mixing of volcanic ash and seawater. This mixture creates a unique structure that can help scrape away the toxins built up in the intestines and soothe the inflammation caused by a lifetime of poor choices.

High-quality zeolite can be tough to find, but I was lucky to come across a company that had just started distributing it: Shayna’s Kitchen. Shayna’s Kitchen offers a variety of different health-boosting foods and compounds, including ceremonial matcha, a long-time favorite of mine I discovered when touring Japan.

The zeolite was able to rectify some of the worst symptoms of my intestinal problems, greatly expanding the diet my coaches prescribed. I was once again able to eat tomatoes – an experience so sweet I nearly cried!

If you are looking for some A-grade health foods and compounds, there’s no business I would recommend higher than Shayna’s Kitchen. Give the website a look, and do yourself a favor and order some of the matcha. It’s seriously delicious.

Shayna’s Kitchen

Cannabis Security At A Distance

Cannabis Security At A Distance

I recently spent some time relaxing in the best way possible: in the backyard with the warm weather and a wonderfully crafted joint. While doing so I started to reminisce about the days when a joint wasn’t something you’d smoke out in the full view of neighbors, even if some were doing the same. Once upon a time (and still the case outside of California) weed was smoked away from prying eyes, out of some cheap bong, and grown by a mystery man. It’s crazy to think about how we got to this point, and even crazier to think about what it takes to stay in the legal pot business. So with that, let’s zoom out and look into the rich history of cannabis in California from the distance of hindsight.

Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that for as long as anyone can remember, the culture of the Golden State and cannabis is a relationship that goes way back. The vegetable of good vibes has been here forever, but cannabis use and the push for its legalization saw its peak in the 1960s. Enjoyed for therapeutic uses, spiritual journeys, or pure relaxation, cannabis was the soundtrack to the laid-back Californian lifestyle. But, as the 20th century unfurled its uncertainties, concerns about cannabis use grew. Yet still, enthusiasts of cannabis bonded and became their counterculture of non-conformity, freedom, and creative expression. Despite the odds, recreational cannabis was eventually legalized in California, a trailblazer of the industry we know today, where legal pot is a reality.

But the legalization of marijuana in certain states doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing and clear skies. To keep the cannabis business grooving means that we have to play things by the book. From cultivation to distribution, the state has laid down the law to ensure that industry players have safety as their number one priority. In this era of strict regulations and high product demand, companies like Cannabis Security Solutions have become indispensable, with solutions like remote guarding to ensure the safety of your people, product, and business. Remote guarding combines security personnel with artificial intelligence cameras to enhance safety and significantly lower the costs of monitoring. Prevent theft, trespassing, break-ins, and access control issues with features like digital line barriers, intrusion alerts, voice-down live communication, and 24/7 recording. 

Now, some of you may be wondering if the long road to marijuana legalization has been worth it, at least in the sunny state. Take it from someone who’s lived it. It’s a night and day experience when you not only feel safe to smoke within the eyesight of strangers and even police, but it’s also a huge relief to know that the herb you’re about to consume into your body is something grown, harvested, and packaged by a competent and regulated dealer instead of something that was illicitly grown (and potentially laced!). The quality control, safety standards, and transparency enforced by legal requirements allow for the peace of mind every cannabis enthusiast deserves.

So, here we are. Smoking, chilling, and vibing with legal pot! California has come a long way, and it’s been a wild story that’s still being written. From a secretive movement of counterculture to a well-regulated industry, the evolution of marijuana has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. 

If you run a cannabis business, whether in growing or retailing, then I can wholeheartedly recommend Cannabis Security Solutions to help you navigate cannabis laws and safety compliance standards, securing your business and organization with custom security management plans.

Cannabis Compliant Security Solutions

Landscape Company Builds Ultimate Kitchen in Mission Hills

Landscape Company Builds Ultimate Kitchen in Mission Hills

Hey there, rockers! Normally you’d start the New Year with some New Year’s resolutions, but I thought I’d change it up. Instead of New Year’s resolutions, let’s talk about New Year’s renovations! Over the holidays I felt like my backyard was missing a bit of spice. The backyard is where I spend time with my family and pals to relax in the incredible South California weather. 

With my music blasting and a few cold ones, I decided that my new project would be an incredible outdoor kitchen with pizzazz, perfect for family get-togethers or band reunions.

It’s great having company around, but too often, this means my wife or I have to pause a conversation to grab food or drinks from the kitchen. So, picture this: a kitchen where you can unleash your inner grill master, right in the middle of the party. Or, channel your inner bartender and shake up a perfectly mixed drink for your guests. It’s no wonder outdoor kitchens are becoming so popular. I could never pass up the opportunity to entertain guests while grooving under the sun. 

Before I dove headfirst into the shenanigans, I drew my ideal layout. A grill is a no-brainer—there would be no point in having a separate one since we’re going all-in with this. An oven is also a staple, but I stepped it up and decided to add a wood-fired oven pizza because you never know when you will crave that perfect slice (a great hangover cure!).

A drink cooler is perfect to keep the alcohol flowing, and a sink to help with any unexpected messes. Last but not least, for rain or shine, I knew I had to revamp the patio to make it fit for the best of wining and dining with some shade from the sun and some shielding from any rain.  

While I would love to have you believe I did this whole project by myself, and without breaking a sweat, the heavy lifting was done by my trusted friends at Torrey Pines San Diego Landscape Company. The folks at Torrey Pines are an incredible group of hardworking and detail-oriented landscapers. They’ve helped me before with similar projects, and with their expertise, this project was completed quickly, and with quality. 

Did the outdoor kitchen live up to my expectations? Honestly, no—it surpassed them. Everything turned out exactly as I had envisioned it in my head. I can’t sing praises about these guys enough! If you decide to do any landscaping this year, don’t hesitate to call the professionals to design and build your dream outdoor space. The architects and contractors clearly understood my preferences and needs and completed a backyard landscape remodel with excellent communication and attention to detail, from beginning to end. 

My experience with my new outdoor kitchen has been filled with joy. I didn’t have to hop in and out of conversations just to get hotdogs and hamburgers off the grill. The pizza oven was the talk of the night. The only problem with this of my new, fully-equipped outdoor kitchen is that I’ve started cooking a lot more than usual. Woe is me!