About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog! I mainly use this space as a creative outlet to reminisce about my life and report on the daily goings-on of an eclectic, yet very wealthy, older man.

A bit of history for those of you who are unaware – during the first half of my life, I was what many refer to as a ‘rock star’. I would travel all around the globe to perform in front of large crowds in a variety of venues and my records sold millions of copies during the band’s heyday. I’ve since retired, my old bones tiring of the rigors of touring and the ugliness in the recording industry.

I’ll try to answer some of the more frequently asked questions from readers of the blog to give you a sense of what it’s all about:

What band did you play in? If you’re so famous, what’s your name?

No, I’m not going to tell you which star I am or what band I played for! This blog is not a way for fans to connect to me, this is just a way for me to get some thoughts and stories out as I adjust to a life outside of the music ‘scene’.
It’s definitely not another avenue to fame, since I don’t think many people will be terribly interested in an anonymous man’s ramblings, even if he’s filthy stinking rich. Since I have no interest in writing some tell-all book like every other former or current rock star, this is how I channel the desire for attention from other people so endemic in our kind.

Well, what do you write about, then?

I usually just use the blog as a diary, detailing thoughts I have or something that I’m doing that day.
Some of the more common topics:
– My family, my divorce, my ex-wife, and the children we had together. This is on my mind a lot, so I tend to talk about it.
– Some of the business ventures I’ve gotten into after retiring from the music business. I have started a couple to 1. ensure that I retain my wealth and 2. keep busy to avoid falling prey to old bad habits that may endanger the prior goal.
– Advertise some of the local businesses that I hire and find to be of particular note
– Some stories from the old days I can tell without revealing too much of my real identity. Everything from our start playing in dives to road stories on our world tours.
– Hobbies. I have a tendency to get very, very invested in hobbies, to the point that I become totally obsessed with them until I achieve some sort of mastery or goal, at which point I move on to the next one. To a certain extent, I think this can help explain my career – my goal, once I picked up a guitar, was to become a rock star, and so I did.

You mentioned ‘local’, where is it that you’re located?

Like so many in the entertainment industry, I ended up settling down in southern California. Unlike the rest of them, I don’t feel a need to advertise the exact location. Just know that when I say ‘local’, I mean businesses located near me in coastal SoCal, usually in L.A., Orange County, and San Diego.

Where were you before?

I was born on the east coast, but our family moved a lot due to my father’s line of work. I seemed to be destined to be somewhat of a wanderer, which certainly helped during my touring days. That may have contributed to why things didn’t work out with my ex-wife, as a shiftless man who is at heart a wanderer does not make a good husband.
Regardless, in my old age, this spirit has dampened somewhat, or at least has been satisfied by my exploits and seeks some stability after a life spent adrift.

Can you really not tell us your name or your band?

No, and stop asking!