Shape up for the road

Being on tour for several years now has taught me some things. For example: Who knew that a diet of whiskey and cold pizza could take a toll on the body? Going from Robert Plant at the Garden to Jack Black at the Palladium isn’t an easy transition to watch. Even us rockstars have to do something to keep the rockstar image. That’s where Jeri comes in.

Jeri Lynn Sunok of FItness Intuitive

Check out this article Jeri wrote in Glamour:

Beat bra bulge

If you can stand a few odd looks from your coworkers, using your desk to perform wide-angle push-ups will help tone the flabby part of the sides of the chest, says Jeri Lynn Sunok, a trainer and founder of Fitness Intuitive in Orange County, California. Place hands a little more than shoulder-width apart on the edge of your desk, with your palms down and fingers pointing forward. Walk four to five feet away from the desk, and keep the knees locked and together. Lean your hips toward the floor, and don’t let your butt stick out. Keeping your abs tight, bend at the elbows and lower your chest to the top of the desk. Hold for six seconds. Repeat eight times.
Well the guys don’t exactly have the same issue with bra bulge (except Tony) but we all started doing this exercise in the tour bus and saw a major difference.
I actually came to meet her through a friend who asked me to check out Jeri Lynn Sunok – Fitness Intuitive on Facebook. A buddy of mine – I won’t say who except his name might rhyme with Shmon Shmovi – said he lost a real beer gut and put on lean muscle before going on his steel horse tour. He had a lot of great things to say about our fitness mentor. See if you can spot which alias he’s using on her Fitness Intuitive’s reviews
Since the gang started liking their results, they found that they were getting impatient for gains to come. I guess they were tired of the Springsteen look and wanted more of a Drake at Coachella look. I suppose there’s something about seeing amazing fitness results that makes you want to keep pushing for more. I guess there’s also the instagram effect where all of the attractive people spend so much time taking pictures of themselves, they only focus on ‘the bigger fish’ in the scrolling. That’s what I love about Jeri Lynn Sunok’s Instagram¬†because it’s genuinely encouraging. Just because I see a huge dude with ripped delts doesn’t exactly make me¬†encouraged I just am left with a disappointing comparison. Jeri posts some pretty inspirational things on her feed.
It is no surprise she is as good as she is considering all she’s accomplished in her fitness career. We’ve won a grammy and a couple choice awards but still nothing compared to the rap sheet Jeri’s got. Personally I’ve never been one for shiny medals and dusty plaques but I do like titles. Helps me work them into song lyrics for those humblebrag tracks. Jeri Sunok would make for a great track with all she’s accomplished as a fitness mentor.


Anyways, If you’re looking to keep shreddin solos, try shredding your core at the same time. Give our girl a call


Jeri Lynn Sunok – Fitness Intuitive
2115 San Joaquin Hills Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 370-7190


Until next time, keep on rockin.