Quick Shoutout to the most personable guy on the coast

Sometimes all a band really needs is a getaway driver, other times we just need a 4am breakfast burrito, but the most difficult need to fill sometimes is a place to crash. Sure the bus is the obvious decision but when you’re down 4 bp games and the roadies are no where to be found to help you stumble back, every couch in sight starts to look more and more inviting. If you’re ever going to make the cover of the rolling stone, best not to have photos floating around of drunken couch diving at a random acquaintance’s house. The single best way to avoid this fate is to have a sweet crash pad of your own! Even the higher end bougey cribs up in the hills still come with early morning selfie-crazed groupies or pushy house keepers prodding your hungover head like a hibernating bear. Owning a sweet beach house of your own cuts out all the middlemen. Last week when the band was wrapping up a show at an unnamed pro-skater down in South County, we ran into a guy who hooked us up with the sweetest place we’ve ever partied. Right on the water and littered with comfy corners to crash. He’s probably the best Dana Point real estate agent I’ve ever met, not just because he was so good at getting us a literally perfect pad, but because the guy could shred a wave like nobody’s business!

An all around good guy and fun person to kick it with, I couldn’t more highly recommend this guy. I’m pretty sure his first game is being a San Clemente realtor but if that doesn’t work out, he’s got a ton sick other things going for him. If you want the best south county has to offer, hit him up.

Here are his details,
Aloe Real Estate – San Clemente Real Estate

158 W Avenida Ramona Suite 100
San Clemente, CA 92672
(949) 290-1082

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