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The Rock Star & The Millennials

The Rock Star & The Millennials

Arthur Duvall is 55 years old. He’s been playing in a 70s themed rock band for about thirteen years, but he’s been running to same old pitfall as almost any marketing campaign:


Those dang millennials.


No matter what he does, he can’t seem to connect with this group of people who were born between 1981 and 1996. It should have been so easy; they love vintage things, especially music. Why was playing 70s music not adding young people to his steadily growing fanbase?

This is where Dr. Larry Schimmer came in. Dr. Schimmer, or Schimm as we like to call him, is the bands business coach and has been studying millennials inadvertently ever since the birth of his daughters in 1986 and 1992, long before he thought about becoming a psychologist for adolescents. His background led to some groundbreaking discoveries on the lost connection between marketers and this “stubborn generation.” I had the privilege of recording one of their converstations about how to connect with millennials and this is how that went down:


Duvall: Why don’t millennials like us old guys?


Schimmer: The first thing you must understand about millennials is that they’re not a fan of the title. More often than not, their generation is associated with laziness, lack of ambition and attention span, when they might be one of the hardest working generations this country has ever seen. They are also a lot smarter than people pin them as, so they can see through many  “millennial-catered campaigns” in a heartbeat.


Duvall: What do you mean by “millennial-catered campaigns”?


Schimmer: Have you ever seen a commercial that ends abruptly with a “hashtag” or uses outdated Instagram terms non-ironically? These campaigns essentially communicating the following message to millennials: “we know you don’t understand or care about anything unless we make it ‘shareable,’ so here’s our attempt to reach out to your poor forsaken generation.” It’s essentially calling someone vain and stupid at the same time.


Duvall: Okay, so avoid tech talk. But phones are how millennials are getting all their information — it’s how they even find out if something is trending. How do I even show up on their radar if I am not active on the internet?


Schimmer: Oh, please don’t misunderstand me — your business will definitely not grow without building an internet presence. I merely suggest that you hire a social media manager who matches the age of your target audience. Modern day marketers often think that age=experience, especially in the area of social media. You need someone who has grown up with it, someone who has seen how quickly internet trends come and go, and how ineffective it is to use a trend that will become outdated so quickly.


Duvall: What’s a good example?

Schimmer: My sister used to write for an online magazine that was targeted to women significantly younger than her. There is no problem with this, but she ran into trouble when writing about Snapchat. She constructed this beautiful article about teaching one’s grandmother how to use it, thus creating more consistent connections between extended family. However, the article became defunct within a month when Snapchat updated its entire platform, rendering all her information incorrect.


Duvall: And a younger person wouldn’t have written it?


Schimmer: A younger person probably wouldn’t have spent their time, and your money, working on a campaign that does not have “evergreen” value (by “evergreen” I mean content that usually stays relevant no matter how much time passes).


If I could leave you with anything, it would be this: if you want to connect with millennials, hire a millennial who is experienced in social media work. They usually know to choose good content over trending topics, as well as finding the niche within the huge “millennial group” on which to build your foundation. If you start there, you’re in a good place to start building your reputation with them.”

If you are in the southern California area and could use similar consulting, you can check out:

PerSynergy Consulting
5 Somerset Dove Canyon, CA 92679
(949) 543-0415

The Best Contractor in Orange County

The Best Contractor in Orange County

Hey there! I hope everything is doing rockalicious this Christmas season!

I just got back from an amazing tour around Southeast Asia. Wonderful people there.

While I was gone, I was having my home remodeled. We had it all planned out so that the work would be done when I was on tour and it would be ready to go when I got home for the holidays. And let me tell you, the guys I worked with did not disappoint!

These guys are seriously the best remodeling contractors in Orange County!

I’ll just show you what I’m talking about with some pictures of my freshly remodeled home.

First up, here’s my kitchen:

I love the overhead lights and the tile backsplash along the wall. The tile flooring also looks amazing. You should have seen this place beforehand!

Next, check out my bathroom:

That sliding door is so sick and the bathroom looks amazing, my wife loves the white countertops and sinks. And that is just the guest bathroom, here is the one in the master:

I love tile, you can probably tell. I was so excited to get these pictures up I haven’t even had a chance to use the shower! Next up, check out this iron railing they did by my stairs:

I think this looks so cool. It’s fresh and modern. And you have to check out this, it was a dream of mine. It is a fireplace bathroom!

The fireplace is right next to the tub! How awesome is that! And then the TV above it. I will spend hours in that tub!

Alright, the last one for the home tour, check out my remodeled fireplace:

The stone wall all the up to the ceiling is exactly what I wanted! Not only does it all look amazing, but they got it done just in time for the holidays. This is going to be the perfect place to host Christmas with my family!

Now I just need to get all of my decorations up!

So thankful for these guys, if you are looking to get your own remodeling done you can find them here:

Inspired Remodels, Inc.
20992 Bake Parkway, Suite 108, Lake Forest, CA 92630
(949) 716-1938

Rock and Roll and Taxes

Rock and Roll and Taxes

When was the last time I had checked the mail? It was a valid question that my manager, Stacy was repeating to me. “Um, yeah what?” was my reply. Smart.

“Alex, I said when was the last time you checked your mail? You know the place you get letters from grandma, bills, important tax documents sent to,” she replied, she seemed agitated.

“Oh yeah, the mail. Yeah, I haven’t got one of those,” I replied.

“Alex everyone has “one of those”!” Stacy was yelling now. That was never a good sign. “How can a famous, professional musician not know this?!”

She is infuriated now I can tell. “You have millions of fans, a hit song, and are on the shortlist for standout Rockstar of the year and you won’t be able to attend the ceremony because where will you be? In jail, that’s where all because you haven’t paid taxes, like ever!” Stacy took a long breath and rubbed her temples.

“Could I, like, pay them now?” I asked. Her face turned red.

“I will set up a meeting with a bookkeeper and we will try to get in front of this,” she replied. “I’m serious though you might be going to jail.”


A day past and then my alarm went off at eight. I don’t mean eight PM, I was actually up at eight AM. It was a first for me. I rolled out of bed and got ready. Stacy was waiting outside and we drove to the meeting.

As we walked in the air seemed to drop ten degrees. Two men sat behind a desk with very serious looks on their faces. I could tell they meant business so I thought I’d let Stacy do the talking. Supposedly, this was the best bookkeeping company in the area. We introduced ourselves and they all started talking. I swear I tried to pay attention but my eyes glossed over and honestly, I spaced out. About an hour later I recognized the agent with the bald head was speaking to me. I almost giggled because I realized he looked like Mr. Clean but I held it together.

“Mr. Starfield? Can you agree to these terms?” Crap what… I looked at Stacy. She had her say yes or I’ll kill you face on.

“Yes sir, of course. I’m sincerely sorry again for the hassle and inconvenience I may have caused,” I replied glancing at Stacy. Yay, I thought, now she was wearing her “good boy” face which was way better than the killing me face.

“Alright, we will have the documents drawn up and sent over,” muscular agent was talking now. He looked like Hulk Hogan, but again I didn’t laugh. Go me!

“Ahh, yes,” I replied, “You mean by mail of course.” I smiled.

“Um yes… I mean by mail Alex,” the agent replied.

Stacy looked ready to slap me. “On that note,” she chimed in, “thank you gentleman so much for your time. We will be in touch soon.”

We all shook hands again and Stacy and I exited. “I think that went well!” I said, “So what exactly did I just agree to?” Stacy rolled her eyes and got in the car. I reached for the passenger side door but it was locked. “Um, Stac? The car door is,” and off she went. Geez well, I guess I’ll have to check my mail from now on.

These were the guys we were working with if you were curious:

Smart Bean Inc
17291 Irvine Blvd #104
Tustin, CA 92780
(714) 503-8108

Rock For The Cause

Rock For The Cause

ArrowSith Presents Green Is The Safest Color Benefit Concert

While the wild humdrum of anti-war sentiment may be settling, activism is a far cry from over. New band, ArrowSith, takes the stage this Friday in support of environmental causes for their benefit concert Green Is The Safest Color. Tickets are $3 at the door with a table for further donations. The raised funds will go to a myriad of causes including clean water, less plastic, and natural pest control.

ArrowSith recently took off, hitting #1 on the charts with their new hit single “Before You There Was Me.” The band formed earlier this year lead by frontman Steve Miller (not of Steve Miller Band notoriety), drummer Gary Woodworth, bassist Ernie Hamsterdamn, and keys/percussionist Lillian Farly. Brought together by their mutual appreciation for archery and George Lucas’ revolutionary Star Wars film, ArrowSith brings a spirited angst in their music to illustrate their passion for change.

ArrowSith preaches a message of action through both song and interview. “I can inspire change with just my guitar and a few powerful lyrics. I can multiply that with the addition of each of my bandmates.” Steve Miller explains, “We are young. We are dreamers. We see a world full of chaos and injustice and we still believe something can be done. We have talent and a platform and we intend on using them. We don’t think it’s foolish to try and stop the corporate greed. We think it’s foolish to sit back and do nothing.”

Green Is The Safest Color intends on bringing validity to ArrowSith’s message. Alongside the benefit concert, all profits from merchandise sold at the event will go toward funding a new initiative for environmental education. ArrowSith plans on debuting three new t-shirt designs at the event: one advocating clean water, one advising less plastic, and one supporting natural termite control.

Lillian Farly, who spearheaded both the benefit concert and the new initiative, further describes ArrowSith’s aim. “We have all these activist songs and catchy phrases but that only goes so far. I noticed a lot of issues root from not knowing. If a farmer doesn’t know the pesticides they’re using are harmful, how can they be expected to stop? I didn’t want ArrowSith to be all talk and no action so I went to the band with my concerns. They agreed and we got to talking and I proposed the idea for the initiative. I had no idea how we would pull it off, but together we came up with the idea for Green Is The Safest Color to raise money and awareness. Now that we have some success we can finally maybe pull it off.”

ArrowSith is only in the early stages of actualizing their education initiative. However, supporting Green Is The Safest Color on Friday with attendance or donations is an immediate way to pledge support for their cause. It is never too late to make a change. The environment may be suffering, but ArrowSith and likeminded groups won’t let it happen for long.

Natural Science Exterminating
11642 Knott Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92841
(800) 246-7378

Who Helps Your Recover Your Unconscious Losses?

Yo! My friends. I hope you all are doing absolutely amazing today. I am living a golden life and rocking on. I had to get down to my keyboard and share this story with you all, because it rocked my brain with some righteous memories and it simply wouldn’t be right to keep them all to myself.

So, the other night I was with a couple of the guys that I used to jam with. This was way back in the day, before the lights and fame that comes with superstardom, ya know? This was when music was a little more pure. When it was easier to just focus on the craft. So I was with my old buddies and we had an amazing time, busted out the guitars and drums, a few brewskies, and got to playing for hours. Naturally, as we were all chillin we started sharing stories of old times and my buddy reminded me of something I had totally forgotten…mostly because I legitimately don’t have a memory of it.

I was probably nineteen years old. My buddies and I, the original crew, were playing small shows in some local venues at the time. We were at this one club and had a killer show. The house was packed. The babes were smoking. And our music was righteous. We didn’t wrap up our set until about two in the morning. We were exhausted and happy and living the life. We didn’t have roadies or anything at the time so we had to pack up all our own equipment.

Now it’s late at night and I’m carrying some of the equipment out to our van behind the club. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, two guys come up and start hustling me. One of them hit me in the back of the head and knocked me out. The other guys were still inside at this point. When they came out, they saw me lying on the ground and all of the equipment was gone. When I woke up, I was in the hospital and my buddies were all sitting around the room.

I didn’t have any recollection of what had happened, but luckily, the club had a camera monitoring the back alleyway and it caught the whole thing. The two guys had hit me and then taken all of our equipment. The camera caught their faces though. A buddy of mine in Orange County had a personal injury attorney who we were able to connect with. We showed him the footage and he was able to put together a case for me and our band. Not only did he work with the police and they were able to track down all of our stuff, but he also was able get all of my medical bills taken care of.

This guy was amazing and I learned two valuable lessons that night. First, don’t go into dark alleyways by yourself late at night. And second, always have a good attorney who has your back. We would have been lost without that guy.

Alright my beautiful people, that’s the story for today. I’ll catch ya next time.

Keep That Rock’n Roll Electric

Welcome back to the blog where you get to read about some of the stories of an old decently famous rock star that prefers to keep his identity anonymous. I wouldn’t want my opinions on here to be read through what was my rock star persona. I prefer you remain as objective as possible so you can form your own responses based on these words and not some image you may have of me. All that being said, are you ready for my next installment!? Well I guess it doesn’t matter if you are or not because here it is.

When you start your climb to stardom, a lot of interesting things happen along the way at different tiers of fame. When you start becoming locally famous, it is fun to go out and get the locals asking you how things are going like they are somehow family. Every once in a while, some people ask to take some photos. Some even go as far as to tell you not to forget them when you make it big. You always give a solid nod and a “I won’t”. While I can remember most people, I certainly don’t actively think about them. If we ever cross paths again, I’ll do my best with your name. Anyways, the next level is landing the opening act with some bigger named bands in your genre. At this point you should have some places out there people can find your music. When you crush an opening act, you want those that liked it to listen more. At this point, you really have to put in the time and hope you have a solid single that makes it on the radio. Until that point, you keep playing wherever you can which leads me to this entry’s story.

One of my good buddies was turning 30 and for his birthday party, the band and I decided to play a set for him. Since we were landing some pretty solid gigs at this point, almost everyone was super stoked. It also felt good to have a lot of your closest friends so excited for you to play for them in a private setting. We told everyone that was invited that they could bring 2 people with them. It was going to be quite the party.

So here we are, around 300 people at this party and we start our set. Obviously, we are crushing it. The whole place is lit and everyone is dancing until suddenly the power goes out! We look around and it looks like it is only our venue space. Everywhere else had power! This was about to be a huge downer until one of the plus 2 guests someone brought ran up on stage and told us he was an electrician from Orange County and knew how to fix the issue. He asked me to tell everyone to give him 5 minutes. I happily obliged. Johnny on the spot nailed the 5 minute marker and we were back finishing our set before the energy got too low at the party. What a champion. After our set, I wanted to know who this electrician from Orange County was so I found him at the party and talked to him. We had a couple of drinks and he told me about his growing electrician business and that if our band ever needed an electrician, he’d be there. What a champion.

I had to look this guys company up. He was a small operation then but now the guy has one the top rated operations in Southern California. If you ever need anything electrical taken care of, I recommend these guys.

That’s all for this entry, until next story and recommendation my faithful readers!

Always Stock the Studio With the Right Furniture

Here we are.  Another entry from the studio. While some readers may think this redundant, it logically makes sense as a reflection of a musicians life. As a rock star, especially one that had some success, you spend a large portion of your life in the studio trying to come up with your next big hit. When you spend that much time in a space like that, some crazy things can happen. I believe the last entry from the studio was about how we had termite problem that was unknown to us until we were rockin so hard that the mini stage we had built collapsed under us plunging us into a swarm of those damned bugs. Well, this entry is somewhat related to that post for a few reasons. The loudness of our practice, the structural integrity of something, and the need for a solution that keeps us rocking out like there is no tomorrow. Storytime readers! Here. We. Go.

I’m with the band and my producer at one of our local studios working on this killer song. It was all written lyrically and we almost had all the musical parts ironed out. At the point in which I am dropping you into this story, we had been at it for about 4 hours straight. Whenever a band gets on a roll, there is really no stopping them. We had played every part of this song over and over as loud and as big as we possible could so we could really get a feel for this song. We were all jazzed up and aided with energy so were being pretty hard on our instruments. Luckily, we had started making some good money up to this point so out instruments were of the highest quality and held up just fine while producing some amazingly loud sounds. I have no doubt that even though out studio was sound proof, we could be heard outside out walls. This building experience was something else and honestly pretty hard to describe.

In the fourth hour, we finally finished piecing together out last section of this song. Finally, we could play it all the way through from start to finish with a complete song. We were all buzzing with excitement. We turned everything up to 11 and played out hearts out. At the final crescendo of this, dare I say, masterpiece, the table where the producer was sitting and recording quite literally fell apart. We had actually, over the course of this session, been so loud with vibrations that we undid this table we had setup with the equipment. You should had seen the look on out producers face while he sat there in that chair that also looked like it was on the verge of collapse. Priceless. You tell me if you ever heard of band playing so incredible that it undid the furniture in the room. I know I haven’t.

Now maybe it wasn’t a very nice or new table so we had that going for us. Either way we knew it was time for a upgrade. We turned to some of our friends who referred us to a quality office furniture shop down in the OC. We called them up and got great deal on some new furniture for our studio. It was used too! Who would have thought that used office furniture from orange county would be sturdy enough to withstand our awesomeness. That same furniture is still standing today. We certainly try and see if we can knock it down from time to time but alas, it still remains standing strong. So, if you are ever in the market for some sturdy office furniture cool enough for a rock star, check this guys out!

Until next time my beautiful readers!

Literally Bringing Down the House

In my earlier years, I was known to be unpredictable. Keeping people on their toes was just something I liked to do and I felt that really contributed to my careless, living free rock star lifestyle. While I never randomly did anything too crazy, I certainly liked finding those surprised looks on peoples faces. Oh, and don’t worry, I did things that were entirely too crazy. They were just planned out better. I didn’t want to end the rock star lifestyle too early now. Anyways, the spontaneity I am mentioning is important to my next story and subsequent piece of advice.

Early in my career just as I was starting to gain a following in my music, I lived in California in a little 1 bedroom place close to the beach. It wasn’t that nice when I moved in there and it only got worse as I lived there. I used that place to its fullest extent and more. Parties and jam sessions and cookouts and band meetings and parties. There was always something going on there. By the time I started making real money, I bought the place outright. I wanted to own the place where I got famous. Why you ask? We are getting there.

Shortly after purchasing that little used up place, I bought I bigger newer home to live in with no intention of fixing up the old one. At the time, I honestly wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with that place. All I knew is that I wanted it to be dramatic. So, in my usual unpredictable fashion, I wen’t down there with some friends of mine with a bunch of tools of destruction in the back seat and surprised everyone with my plan! I wanted to demo the place entirely. Out with the old and in with the new! You should have seen the looks on all their faces when I took my first swing of my sledge hammer to the kitchen counter. Priceless. Before I really understood what I was doing, I learned all too fast that you can’t demo any real estate in California without the appropriate paperwork. Thanks old neighbors and the police they called! Wouldn’t have learned that as quickly without ya! So, I needed some help. Lucky for me, things just kind of work out in my favor most of the time. I came across a killer real estate attorney through a friend of mine that had learned of my troubles. I went to meet him and explained my motives and instead of trying to talk me out of it, we dove straight into some solutions. He even wen’t as far as to ask me what I wanted to do once it was reduced to rebel. I told him I wanted to build a large building that was sound proof for a studio. He made sure all that paperwork was in order before I could finishing destroying that place with my rockin sledge hammer I named Thanos! Amazing.

If you are ever inclined to destroy property you own or are just looking to make some serious changes, make sure its all within the appropriate legal limitations of the law or municipal codes of your city. If you have no idea how to determine that, do a smart thing and look these guys up. I can guarantee you’ll be taken care of.

Rock With a Bang

As the popularity of a rock star grows, so does the fun and also some problems. Living as wild and free as you want tends not to jive with everyone. Sure, there are so many people that love following people that live life and make decisions like they just don’t matter. I think that living vicariously through people we idolize is just another way to get through the day. Deciding to become a rock star is to become that idol. I think I can say for certain that not a single person that has made it to idol status has done so without burning some bridges, bumping some heads, putting a booger in the punch bowl , or royally pissing off at least two separate groups of people. You can’t get peoples attention by just making great music. You have to embody legendary status and put on a good show both on and off the stage. With all this wild living and fame comes people who are really not going to like you. At all.

Most famous rock stars have a security team that ensures no one with hate in their heart comes too close. And if they do, they are promptly removed from the scene. Even though this is a nice luxury, being able to protect yourself is both necessary and also straight cool. How many views do you think a video would get on YouTube of a famous rock star knocking the lights out of someone who was out to get them? Millions. So while this post isn’t about taking self defense karate classes or whatever popular one the kids take these days, it is about safety.


WHAT?! Did your legendary anonymous possibly once very popular rock star blogger just say the word safety?! Why yes, yes I did. When the vetting and security checks fail, and your personal bodyguard gets overtaken by some person or people that are out to get you, what do you do? You have a safety net. What is this safety net you ask? A gun. Yep a firearm is a great addition to any rock stars persona. But the trick here is this; you don’t flaunt that you have a gun on tour or in public really. You will want to post some sick videos and pics of you out at a range handling some truly nasty firepower but never will you flaunt that you carry one around. And first and foremost, a rule that we all must live by, get certified and trained. Take the best damn CCW class you can find, get your permit, and keep yourself protected. This is also good for ensuring that when you do go out, it will be in a blaze of glory.

So lets recap. When you get famous, you get to have more fun and also more problems. You should probably take some self defense courses for awesome video opportunities, and go out and get your Concealed Carry Weapon permit. And for the love of those around you that you love, go and take some firearm training courses so that you don’t shoot someone you love accidentally in a self defense shoot out.  As I normally do, I have a recommendation for anyone reading that was inspired to take action. There is a great group in Orange County that is amazing and everyone seems to love them. Check them out!

Until next time you sexy devils. Keep rockin like there is no tomorrow, like the shortness of your amazingly bright life is about to reach supernova before burning out. Just make sure you can protect yourself so that Supernova doesn’t go off prematurely.


From Love to Divorce Real Quick

Being rockstar means you get lots of attention. You get attention from your fans, the press, your producer, record label, and way too many tabloids. When you live a fast and exciting life and people learn about it, people become drawn to it. I believe that one of the reasons fans like to come to see us play is because they get to live vicariously through us. To take a part in our crazy lives. People romanticize the rockstar lifestyle because in a lot of ways it is romantic. As your fame grows, so does the amount of women or men that are after you. In my case, many many women want more than just watching a show. They want a bigger piece of this rockstars life. Vicariousness isn’t enough so they use lust and love as an avenue straight into a rockstars life. Speaking from personal experience, it works. I have had my fair share of quick lusts and loves. Women that blow into my life as quickly as they leave. Some leaving some minor scrapes and bruises and others taking big chunks that leave even bigger scars. Good thing I like scars. They add depth and complexity to the persona that is my rockstar image.

Over the course of a rockstars career, he or she will meet one or two special people that will change things forever. They are the people you write songs about, show off to the public, fall asleep with every night regardless of the many other bed offers, and ultimately love at a deeper level than you even knew you had. Once in this territory, marriage becomes a real viable thing when it once was a joke. That thing normal people did, never a rockstar. Nope, marriage can be for everyone, until it’s not. What? Did you think I was going to tell you about a happily ever after? This is a rockstars marriage and most of them do not last. Mine was no different. I met this beautiful California girl from Orange County. She was something else. She was so good at keeping my attention, I almost lost my fame. My life continued to be hard and fast but it was mostly in her direction instead of my own. When I tried to reestablish my public image as still the head of the band in my own rockin power, she wouldn’t have it. She wasn’t getting my undivided attention anymore. She was getting plenty of my attention but less than before would never be enough. So what happens next? Divorce and that gets real dicey real fast when fame and fortune are involved. What I learned is you can litigate or mediate and boy is mediation the cheaper and more cordial route. You just have to convince the other party to mediate, which I did successfully! How you ask? I found the best mediation specialist in Orange County, where she was from. This mediation expert was able to walk us through our divorce together costing us 90% less than what it would have if we took the litigation route. I don’t believe in any other magic other than the magic of rock and roll but this family law specialist was able to conjure up agreements that my soon to be ex and I could agree on. For all you other rockstars out there reading this and wondering how in the hell this could be true, I assure you that it really is. Check out this divorce mediation specialist here on Yelp! I’ve never seen so many good reviews in one place.


Don’t break the bank during your first divorce. You need to be able to keep the rock machine going to you can keep living the lifestyle you love! You also need to make sure you are whole for the second marriage that’s bound to show up when you least expect it. As always, keep on rockin beautiful people and stay tuned for another drop of rockin knowledge in my next post. Rock On!

The Lavish Side of Rock

When you think of what a party looks like, what comes to mind? I’m sure the answer varies greatly from person to person. You have parties that are small with a few of your close friends where you have dinner and maybe some fancy drinks. You have parties that are large where you, your close friends and everyone you all could possibly know all converge on one spot to enjoy loud music, drinking, and maybe an outdoor activity like swimming or an indoor activity like dancing. Then you have all the parties in between! Fraternity parties where drinking in the primary mission or sorority parties where the mission is also drinking but with much less beer. You have house parties and boat parties and yacht parties and beach parties and cabin parties and everything in between. Generally, as a species, we like to party. Now as you are thinking of all the different types of parties I didn’t list here, let me tell you about a special brand of party. The Rock Star’s party. Think about taking a little bit from every party you can think of, and roll it into one, over the top, crazy elaborate, lavish, no rules, but some rules, but not really, intense, lovely event party that normally goes on way too long.

Color Party

Ah yes, and it’s always colorful! From balloons to paint to bathing suits and bikinis to confetti and streamers, we have it all most of the time. It is hard not love these parties as a rock star. You never know who and what you are going to get. You just tell everyone to invite everyone, create a guest list so it seems way more exclusive than it is, and tell 5 different party planners different styles of parties you want all in one place and BOOM! You have the makings of a rock star party. The only thing you need is a rock star. Unfortunately, most of us are not for hire.

Alright so believe we have covered quite a bit of partying here. Everything above is what you see on the surface and in large part how things go most of the time for a rock star. What you don’t see is how we all stay grounded enough to lose ourselves in all that partying. Trust me, it’s easy to do. What is our secret? How do we stay focused and grounded enough to keep being a star? Do we stop drinking all of the time? PSSssshhh NO! The cumulative hangover would probably kill us. We slow things down to a special level of partying. We go to wine parties!

So this is a whole different animal. The pace is way slower, but it’s sophisticated. It’s a needed break from the constant loud music and the general roar of a crowd. Instead, you are able to get together with some people you really enjoying conversating with and intelligently discuss the complexity of the wines we decided to imbibe. The ambiance is normally calming which helps bring the tension we normally have throughout our bodies and mind release in a great way. Well, the ambiance is one part, wine certainly inspires most of the relaxing. My favorite part of it all is that I get to continue drinking while not being judged, flex my smart brain muscles, and hang out in the coolest vineyards and venue spaces that normally exude a nice level of class we normally don’t roll around in.



From barrel rooms to cellars to tasting rooms and more, wine parties are a great time and they really help keep us rock stars grounded with our heads relatively clear… well as clear as the wine allows. This pace of party also lends some great perspective. The actual taste of alcohol can be truly enjoyable. You can slow down from the normal chug of one thing or another. So, whether you are in Ventura drinking wine in a tasting room or in Napa sipping bubbly on a vineyard, make sure you are indulging in the things that make you feel calm while also putting a smile on your face.

Stick It to the Board!

What does a rock star do when he is not being a rock star? What kind of question is that? Well that’s my initial response. I got advice somewhere along the way that when you don’t like a question, answer with a question. Throws people off. I don’t like that question because in my mind, a rock star never stops being a rock star. But for the sake of writing this entry as well as getting an opportunity to share a pretty rockin story, I will explain what a rock star, like myself, does when I am not “being a rock star”.

Believe it or not, sleep is something that has to happen every now and then. There is only so much… caffeine a body can take before basic bodily functions and movement become quite a task to complete. But beyond sleep when I’m not on the rockstar clock, I like to frequent my local watering holes to see if any friends of mine are around and possibly some new tail. I guess that may qualify as still rockin out but since most people can take on this en devour, I consider off the rockstar clock. This leads me to my story.

I show up at my local dive and immediately run into some friends of mine. BOOM! My night is already going well. We start drinking and talking and enjoying what normal people do on a Tuesday night I guess. Suddenly out of no where, this guitarist I’ve known/hated for some time walks in. On man, the rockstar in me was about to go on the clock. This smug bastard decides to walk up and greet my friends and I with some friendly conversation. Considering that the last time we met, the outcome was a broken guitar and some pretty sour words, I was surprised. Not for long! After making the pleasantries, this guy takes a long beat and says “Are you sucking on the guitar, or did you finally quit?”! ROCKSTAR ON DUTY!! My friends had to hold me back. Luckily, good old logical Jimmy was around and offered a suggestion. Why don’t we have a guitar face off to see who is best. Our mutual group of friends and some randoms at the bar would be the judge. DOWN! So I pulled my guitar from my back…yes it’s always there… and we were off to the races. Long story short, it was a tie. The only way we could break a tie in a bar like that without taking it outside and requiring stitches was with darts.


Well stitches were required anyways. Any real Rockstar is fantastic at darts and lucky for me, I was the only real Rockstar in that bar. Unfortunately my opponent was a terrible loser and ended up throwing his last dart directly at me. It was probably his best shot of the night. Sunk right into my chest. He told me he was trying to stick me to the board! What a crazy you know what. He was quickly escorted out of the bar before I could break another guitar on his face. Then I needed to tending to.

Along comes this sweet thing that claimed to be a nurse. She tended to me without hesitation. I was so caught off guard that I barely spoke for the first five minutes that she working on my punctured chest. She had a whole medical kit and everything. When I finally rediscovered my ability to talk I offered to buy her a drink. Since I am a rockstar, one drink turned into a couple… lot more. Eventually she told me that I could be her last patient. Some board was looking to revoke her nursing license because of some mistake she made at home. Not even on the job! WHAT?! But fate got it right that night that we met. Since my run in with my last estate litigation attorney, I took it upon myself to find and know attorneys in a whole bunch of different fields. Fortunately for her, I knew of a firm that specialized in license defense. How did I know about these guys you ask? I have some medical professionals in my family and while they conduct themselves very professionally at work, they still have the rockstar gene that gets them in trouble outside of work. I think its plain stupid that these medical professionals get judged by some medical board for things they don’t do at work. Anyways, I I put her in contact with these amazing license attorneys knowing she would be taken care of. I’ll never forget what she said to me before she left that night… “While I’m glad you didn’t get stuck to the board tonight, I really appreciate you helping me stick it to the medical board!”…. Was it a good pun, no not really. Will I remember it coming out of that beautiful woman? Absolutely.

If you or anyone you know is a medical professional that needs their professional license defended for any reason, please use this licensing attorney. They have helped my family and friends and I have no doubt they helped that beautiful woman keep being a nurse as well. See for yourself, everyone that has worked with them has loved them so far!


That’s all for now! I am one scar more awesome, and I feel pretty good about helping a nurse stay in practice. Who knows, maybe one day she can help me with another scar.


We Thought Our Performance Brought the House Down…

So here I am again, learning more things than I ever thought I would about things I never thought I would. I’ve made it pretty clear at this point that I am dedicated to my lifestyle of rockin til I drop. Well let me tell you something that is entirely frustrating and gets directly in the way of this bitchin lifestyle. Sneaky freaking termites!

Here’s the scoop. I obviously have a place I go where I can jam. A solid studio where I keep most of my instruments and always invite other people over to share in my jamming exploits. I love my studio. I love all the instruments I have in it. I love the way it smells musky and worn. I love the ripped and torn couch that has accumulated way too many different substances over the years. I even love the occasional groupie that swings by and listens to me or us play way too loud and rough on instruments that definitely don’t deserve it but continue making those lovely rock sounds anyways. There is not much I don’t love about that studio. So there I am one evening jamming out with some of my best pals and we are on it! We are actually making some great tunes and most of it is improvisation which makes the whole jamming experience feel godlike. We lay into this stream of music we’ve been on for almost five minutes and it feels like the music keeps getting better and louder. We are coming to a crescendo when suddenly, my stage collapses from under us. I nearly broke my leg, the bass got away unscathed fortunately for him, and the drummer ended up with his entire backside bruised all to hell. At first, we thought we jammed so hard the stage broke. AWESOME! Quickly after that thought we were swarmed with the truth quite literally. A swarm of termites came up from the wood that used to be my stage. I wondered what those flying bugs were that kept popping up recently. I just never slowed down to look into it. Not my lifestyle. Needless to say, I needed help. So I looked up some people online and on Yelp and found the guys that eradicated my termite infestation for good! Natural Science Exterminating in Garden Grove showed up almost as soon as I called and saved the day. Unfortunately, my stage was lost but at least all the other wooden things in my studio won’t crumble to pieces at my next jam session.

As always, if you don’t feel comfortable with my rocking recommendation, verify for your pretty little self on Yelp. These guys live up to their reputation AND they do it all naturally! That’s right, that wonderful musky smell I loved so much about my studio didn’t have to be overtaken by some obscene chemical smell. It gets to stay just as it is. Can’t say the same for those termites. Natural Science Exterminating really should be your go to guys for termite control. Here’s the Yelp!


Once you take your gander and realize these guys really are the real deal and will take care of your termite infestation issues, map em! They serve all of Orange County and are located in Garden Grove. While I will never be a preemptive planner, I know that if I need to react to another termite control issue, Natural Science Exterminating will be hearing from me again. Here’s the map!


Until the next time folks! I’ll make sure to chime in soon to leave another rocking golden nugget for y’all as soon as I find one.

Big Dreams, Big Money, Have a Rockin Plan

Staying in the lime light is no easy task. With so many up and coming rock artists trying to stake their claim where your flag may already be flying really keeps you on your toes. Luckily, once that flag has been flying for so long creating fame a wealth, many resources are at your disposal to keep your name on that flag by effectively crushing the little baby rock star that may be threatening your reign.

Contrary to popular belief, many rock stars recognize the power of their wealth, fame, and all the wonderful rock goodies that come along with it. We know that a rock star that lives too long usually loses their reign. If we are lucky, our lives end early in a blaze of glory ensuring our existence as legends in history effectively making us immortal. When that day comes, what happens to all our wealth and power? Well, the will  I wrote one inebriated night when I realized in a fit of drug induced rage that my wealth would have to go somewhere when my last day came states it goes to some people I think. Was I clear in that document? No idea. My life is too fast to stop and review something like that. So where does that leave my estate when I’m gone? In the trusting hands of a estate litigation attorney who is proficient in probate administration.

Where do you find one of those? Right here dummy. I’ve had the pleasure of finding a fantastic attorney that informed me that all would be taken care of given my current circumstances. I’ve met with quite a few attorneys on the subject so far and not one of them understands my lifestyle.

Probate Lawyer

They all wanted me to “change my outlook” about how I was leaving things behind. No. Just no. Its not the rock way. Just when I thought it would probably all go to shambles, I found Coast Litigation LLC. They eased my worries with all of their probate administration experience. I knew they would make sure everything in my will would get where it needed to go. I could continue my rock lifestyle without slowing down or worrying about a thing. If you don’t take my rockin opinion to heart the way you should, check out these guys on Yelp! Let others persuade you to make Coast Litigation LLC your estate litigation solution.

Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/coast-litigation-irvine

In the event you do take this rock legends legendary advice on who’s capable hands you should leave your estate, check out how to find these rocking attorneys below. I promise you wont regret it.

This is one rock star sharing some love so that others out there who’s flags are flying high and proud don’t have to worry about what happens after death except that their legend will live on in bada** rock infamy among the rock gods of old. Rock on Coast Litigation LLC! Thanks for keeping this rock star rockin.


Shape up for the road

Being on tour for several years now has taught me some things. For example: Who knew that a diet of whiskey and cold pizza could take a toll on the body? Going from Robert Plant at the Garden to Jack Black at the Palladium isn’t an easy transition to watch. Even us rockstars have to do something to keep the rockstar image. That’s where Jeri comes in.

Jeri Lynn Sunok of FItness Intuitive

Check out this article Jeri wrote in Glamour:

Beat bra bulge

If you can stand a few odd looks from your coworkers, using your desk to perform wide-angle push-ups will help tone the flabby part of the sides of the chest, says Jeri Lynn Sunok, a trainer and founder of Fitness Intuitive in Orange County, California. Place hands a little more than shoulder-width apart on the edge of your desk, with your palms down and fingers pointing forward. Walk four to five feet away from the desk, and keep the knees locked and together. Lean your hips toward the floor, and don’t let your butt stick out. Keeping your abs tight, bend at the elbows and lower your chest to the top of the desk. Hold for six seconds. Repeat eight times.
Well the guys don’t exactly have the same issue with bra bulge (except Tony) but we all started doing this exercise in the tour bus and saw a major difference.
I actually came to meet her through a friend who asked me to check out Jeri Lynn Sunok – Fitness Intuitive on Facebook. A buddy of mine – I won’t say who except his name might rhyme with Shmon Shmovi – said he lost a real beer gut and put on lean muscle before going on his steel horse tour. He had a lot of great things to say about our fitness mentor. See if you can spot which alias he’s using on her Fitness Intuitive’s reviews
Since the gang started liking their results, they found that they were getting impatient for gains to come. I guess they were tired of the Springsteen look and wanted more of a Drake at Coachella look. I suppose there’s something about seeing amazing fitness results that makes you want to keep pushing for more. I guess there’s also the instagram effect where all of the attractive people spend so much time taking pictures of themselves, they only focus on ‘the bigger fish’ in the scrolling. That’s what I love about Jeri Lynn Sunok’s Instagram because it’s genuinely encouraging. Just because I see a huge dude with ripped delts doesn’t exactly make me encouraged I just am left with a disappointing comparison. Jeri posts some pretty inspirational things on her feed.
It is no surprise she is as good as she is considering all she’s accomplished in her fitness career. We’ve won a grammy and a couple choice awards but still nothing compared to the rap sheet Jeri’s got. Personally I’ve never been one for shiny medals and dusty plaques but I do like titles. Helps me work them into song lyrics for those humblebrag tracks. Jeri Sunok would make for a great track with all she’s accomplished as a fitness mentor.


Anyways, If you’re looking to keep shreddin solos, try shredding your core at the same time. Give our girl a call


Jeri Lynn Sunok – Fitness Intuitive
2115 San Joaquin Hills Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 370-7190


Until next time, keep on rockin.

Escape the City – Run for the hills

Escape the City – Run for the hills

The life of a rockstar is one of volume in every sense. How much how loud how fast how long. The success of a star depends on the unwavering emanation of light, heat, energy. That heat can never cool down and the lights can only get brighter or else other stars steal all the attention. What is a superstar to do when the stage lights flicker out and the amps crackle off? Escape way WAY off the grid. Try Keystone Colorado. Their over-zealous travel brochures sure seem to romanticize the mountainscape while giving a rosy outline of all the living options in the area. In a shiny nutshell, here’s what the realtor cat had to say:

So you’ve determined to see with Keystone this winter, now comes the challenging part, where to stay? The mountain itself is composed of three separate peaks that line up from North Dercum, North Peak, and the Outback, each offering it’s own unique terrain and features. Dercum Mountain is the furthest peak North and it’s front side offers the only two access points to River Run, the entire mountain and Mountain House.

Of the two base areas, River Run is the newer of the two and is called the main Hamlet, where both the Summit Express chair and the gondola lift pick up and take you to the top of Dercum Mountain. This village features a pedestrian-only walking place, with plenty of adorable boutiques, ski rental shops, coffee shops and restaurants. There is an outside overnight ski bill near the gondola and bathrooms and lockers inside ticketing office and the season pass. The only thing this base area is really lost is a central ‘ski lodge’, but making up for it are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the slopes. The Kickapoo Tavern is a fun place to have lunch or an apres ski beer, with a big outside veranda that looks out on the slopes. There are a bunch of River Run condos that are all within yards of the gondola, including Black Bear, Jackpine, Arapahoe, the Springs, Silver Mill, Dakota, Buffalo, Expedition Station and Red Hawk Lodge. The two authentic ski-in, ski-out properties at Keystone are Lone Eagle and the Timbers, which are actually then and across the Snake River Bridge just past the gondola up the inclines a couple of yards from the Village.

Both foundations are home to rental shops, skier services and ski schools. Mountain House has an excellent beginner’s place with a magic carpet and easy chair lift. Beginner terrain that is similar can be found by you at the mid-mountain gondola stop and on top near Schoolmarm. You will also find a lift ticket office here at the base near the two chair lifts, the Peru and Argentine. You are taken by the Peru Lift to the top of Area 51, in addition to some blue and green runs and you’re able to be back to the River Run Base area in just one run or hop on the quick mid-mountain Montezuma lift to head up to the top.

Timber Ridge Properties for sale are excellent investment properties at the moment while the market is in high demand. Timber Ridge condos are exceptional and very popular, most feature a private hot tub with a slopeside view! Slopeside Condominiums are just steps from the lifts, and are another great alternative at Mountain House. There are quite a few properties within walking distance to the mountain at a fraction of the price here that are. Only ski down, if you are feeling the need to stop by the chief village or take a shuttle!

Additionally, there are plenty of lodging choices outside of the two principal hamlets. Settler’s Creek in East Keystone is one of the hottest and newest housing developments to the resort and feature beautiful multi-story town houses with garages and magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. In the centre of the neighborhood is ‘Minnie’s Cottage’, a central recreational gathering spot, complete with grill, hot tub, pool table, a heated outdoor pool, and hangout place to barbeques and host gatherings.

Keystone Resort hosts a free resort shuttle that will take you just about anyplace you need to go within Keystone and the shuttle services complexes that are most accommodation. Most rides to the slopes from everywhere in Keystone are 10 minutes or less! There is also a free county-wide transit system called the Summit Stage helping to make it very simple to get around in the high country with no car. The Denver International Airport is just a mere 90 minutes away and there are numerous shuttle businesses that’ll take you to and from the airport. Condos in Gore trail are some of the quickest access for those snowbunnies looking to minimize their time from tarmack to gondola.

If you’re willing to stay outside of the chief hamlets at Keystone, you’ll frequently be able to find better deals and prices on your own accommodations. Be certain you choose a property management company that lets you decide the exact property you are staying at so you are going to know what you may anticipate and can plan your trip in advance. If you’ve got a big group, ask your property manager about renting a private home! Wherever you stay in Keystone, you’ll find it is very simple to find everything you might be looking for and more!

In essence, the volume must always go up along with the energy and the passion but when the crowd finally goes home; when the release parties are over and the greatest hits have been stamped – there is peace. The perfect place to switch off the amps might very well be the mountains. In the mean time though, keep on rockin.

Ensuring Confidence

There are a lot of what-ifs that can cloud the excitement of life. When people throw around phrases like “All it takes is one accident” or similarly cautionary phrases to entirely kill the fun. That’s not to say life should be lived with wreckless abandon but it’s a testament to how good it can feel to always be ready. There’s a rockstar insurance agent in Capistrano Beach who’s catchphrase is “Ready Feels Good” as if he knows exactly what I’m thinking.

Rick Hackett - Farmer's Insurance - San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States

How am I supposed to backflip off a roof into a hotel pool on a dare if I’m unsure it’s a safe decision? Well obviously it’s an unsafe decision but rocking this hard means I have to play equally hard. The house keeps rockin no matter the day of the week and I need to know I can keep my foot to the floor without any risk of finding rock bottom. That’s where having good insurance kicks in. My guy gets what it means to live life without stressing the details.

When I’m on the road traveling time without a clue where I am or when, the last thing I want to have to remember is how much is too much. I need the going to be fast and loose and know that if anything goes genuinely wrong, my insurance will cover it. Whether I smashed a guitar, a hotel room, or my tibia I know that I have the policies in place to cover every one of them and should the party go all the way to 11, my umbrella policy can help with the overflow. Never would I have even known what an umbrella policy was it if weren’t for my talented insurance guy.

For example, I was on the road about 8 months ago rolling through Tallahassee or Greensboro or some other weird named southern city – all I remember was the humidity was murder. Anyway in that butter-thick southern air, the walls of the tour bus started to swell. Before you know it the plasmas I have mounted on the walls started to pull right out of the expanding wood. One 60-incher fell right off the wall, onto my guitar. The crash was so loud it startled the driver who swerved onto the rutted shoulder, and the band jet ski on a trailer off the back of the bus came loose and rolled right into a swamp. Now there are laws about mixing salt water and fresh water in the ballast of a watercraft so we had to just leave the bike out there in the swamp. I thought we were up a creek (or whatever flows into marshes) but my man rick hooked it up! My homeowner policy covered the wall because the bus is my maison, my toy policy covered my jet skis, and my umbrella policy helped cover my guitar -Mjolnr. I couldn’t believe it.



Check out my man on yelp at Rick Hackett Insurance – San Juan Capistrano

Or stop by

Rick Hackett Insurance

Ste K2, 33161 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

(949) 943-3610



The moral of the story is never to let your hesitations keep you from rocking as hard as possible. Just keep yourself protected with good insurance in the mean time!

Quick Shoutout to the most personable guy on the coast

Sometimes all a band really needs is a getaway driver, other times we just need a 4am breakfast burrito, but the most difficult need to fill sometimes is a place to crash. Sure the bus is the obvious decision but when you’re down 4 bp games and the roadies are no where to be found to help you stumble back, every couch in sight starts to look more and more inviting. If you’re ever going to make the cover of the rolling stone, best not to have photos floating around of drunken couch diving at a random acquaintance’s house. The single best way to avoid this fate is to have a sweet crash pad of your own! Even the higher end bougey cribs up in the hills still come with early morning selfie-crazed groupies or pushy house keepers prodding your hungover head like a hibernating bear. Owning a sweet beach house of your own cuts out all the middlemen. Last week when the band was wrapping up a show at an unnamed pro-skater down in South County, we ran into a guy who hooked us up with the sweetest place we’ve ever partied. Right on the water and littered with comfy corners to crash. He’s probably the best Dana Point real estate agent I’ve ever met, not just because he was so good at getting us a literally perfect pad, but because the guy could shred a wave like nobody’s business!

An all around good guy and fun person to kick it with, I couldn’t more highly recommend this guy. I’m pretty sure his first game is being a San Clemente realtor but if that doesn’t work out, he’s got a ton sick other things going for him. If you want the best south county has to offer, hit him up.

Here are his details,
Aloe Real Estate – San Clemente Real Estate

158 W Avenida Ramona Suite 100
San Clemente, CA 92672
(949) 290-1082

Rock the Coast

From the border to the bay and back up again, the golden coast does not refer to the corporate machine of a coastline in Long Island. Long Beach is more a part of the Golden coast than Martha’s Vineyard any day because of the prevalence of cultural roots and artistic richness. Ask someone in Cape Cod what an artist is and they will likely name some high renaissance idiot who meant something to someone when anatomic inquiry was the cutting edge of social and scientific inquiry because of the globally oppressive nature of religion. In today’s artistic scene, the technical skill of a baroque craftsman is impressive but no more impressive than an identical 3D printed replica that does not sacrifice any detail of “expression” because machines can replicate perfect human work and better. Today, art demands creativity beyond utilitarian corruption. Best practice is respectable up unto the age of research and publishable progress. As soon as ideas could be tested against the crowd sourced knowledge of society and the (albeit limited) educated populous, ‘genius’ started to take on a much more exclusive role. Capitalist growth demands today certainly have space for art today; just a smaller segment. Besides those enthusiasts who would rather pay the likes of a goatee with a more sophisticated verbal palate than artistic one, some officianadoes require that artistic expression involve the level of internal dedication that masters of old sacrificed. Neo-Dada BS no longer cuts it when free market is not swayed by the masses but rather by the ability to deliver. By these standards, one could consider salespersonship a very under-appreciated art. Accountants and gold diggers certainly appreciate it but in the same way that canvass salesmen love rothko. Its hard not to see selling as a purely utilitarian practice when you consider its goals but the variety of ways to approach selling and the glaringly obvious differences between an amateur and an expert start to elucidate the true art involved. On a macro scale, consider that entire economies ride on the ability of effective selling to produce commerce and the Spartan image of selling takes on a more Hellenistic charm.  In real estate, every sale demands excellence whether or not it presents itself. Consider a market like Aliso Viejo where real estate tends to sell for upwards of 750k. All cash buyers are not likely to stumble into a sale. A commission like that would not bring half hearted salespeople to the table, it would scare them off to used car lots and furnace sales. The crazy and the bold look for real estate in Aliso Viejo California and sell it like its a fresco seiko or a concerto or a woodstock closer. Art comes in all varieties and the biggest stages like Aliso Viejo favor the bol and the crazy because it takes both to walk home victorious in real estate.


Aliso Viejo free thinkers join and jam here

Adjust the Reverb

Adjust the Reverb

You can’t expect to kill it on stage if you don’t stretch first. Soft tissue matters even more as you get into the later stages of rocking it. The prime reason the Rolling Stones broke up was because Mick Jagger simply lost his moves after halting his regular chiropractic treatment. These are all facts if you don’t look them up. Just  remember that the root of all evil in the world is spinosacral misalignment. Some of the biggest critical blow back on bands who aspire to soaring critical acclaim comes from their inability to recognize the difference in between heat and ice in physiological terms. Vasoconstriction reduces swelling like you need after that crowd dive that almost worked until the two people in the “front” row couldn’t hold a 220 pound man. Vasodialation relaxes muscle tension and increases bloodflow like you need before tossing up your double bacon cheeseburger on your way to the stage.  Any chiropractor in town can tell you that sitting on an amp hunched over your ax all day will eventually aggravate discs enough to skip a track or two. You can find some excellent chiropractors over at exact chiropractic in Orange CA or you can call them at 1600doctorb the “B is for bargain”- Dr. Nick. Besides simple spinal safety, wise investment is a pretty crunchy toon for you aging rockers. Imagine you are sitting on a gold mine while you go mint some platinum while a 2-bit hackjob cracks your cheap safe and steals every ounce of gold you’ve mined in the last 3 months. Awful am I right? When the sun is beating down on the beast (see significance of Zoso symbol) crazy things tend to happen like room safes emptying. A smarter investment than sticking all that cash in a safe would have been to cash in on the mineral rich lands on which the band had its practice space or the territory on which they had some of their biggest shows around New York and Texas. All Jimmy would have had to do was check out one of his buddies who knew about texas mineral rights title research and an American Landman would have solved the entire problem.


Sound investments would have made this timeless gem of musical perfection even louder:



That Zoso symbol I was talking about earlier mixes the Z looking symbol which is the occult simbili for Saturn or Capricorn. Capricorn being Jimmy Page’s astrological sign and Saturn being one of his idols when he owned a bookstore. The oso is sometimes recognized as the symbol for the beast or possibly the magickal name of the artist who referenced the original zoso symbol in its entirety in the 16th century book of symbols of the occult and magic. Local businesses need a little more rock and roll. Bring it to them today while remembering where to find your best neighborhood chiropractor and keeping your investments protected by sinking them into land management projects run by professionals over at American Landman. SMALL BUSINESSES DO IT LIVE!

Music Is My Leverage

Music calms the mind and helps you pursue goals.

Watch the Masters