Getting Good With Gut Health Using A Zeolite Detox!

Getting Good With Gut Health Using A Zeolite Detox!

Welcome back, rockers and rockettes! Today, we’re going to discuss the topic of aging. I know it’s a subject I, in particular, don’t enjoy bringing up, but sometimes we just need to stare reality in the face.

In my rockin’ youth, I grew up in a working-class family in the 70’s and 80’s, which meant lots of TV dinners mixed with the occasional fast food. As I grew older and started my music career in earnest, the lack of money meant this diet didn’t change until well into my 20’s, when suddenly champagne and caviar were added to the mix.

Despite the wealth, my eating habits remained pretty terrible until I hit my 30’s and noticed a new and unwelcome spare tire growing around my midsection. Not only was I quickly becoming unable to fit into my old leather pants, I found myself nursing an upset stomach most days of the week.

Ever since, I’ve tried every diet and health kick in the books to try and get my digestive system back into gear with mixed results. Keto and an all-meat diet were terrible for my system, while pescatarian and vegetarianism seemed to have an opposite (but equally unwelcome) effect.

My diet coaches were finally able to create a complicated and bland diet that seemed to quiet things down a few years ago. Unfortunately, this wasn’t exactly an enjoyable way to live life – I felt like a Spartan living in the barracks with nary the occasional treat!

After the umpteenth breakfast of bland toast and eggs, I was fed up with it all and began to look for a solution that would fix the underlying problem: my gut health. The years of eating garbage had done a number on my intestinal health, and it was time I made amends with my digestive tract.

During my frantic research, I discovered a number of gut health supplements designed to assist those in desperate need like myself. The most powerful of which – Zeolite – seemed to be the miracle cure I had been searching for.

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral made from the mixing of volcanic ash and seawater. This mixture creates a unique structure that can help scrape away the toxins built up in the intestines and soothe the inflammation caused by a lifetime of poor choices.

High-quality zeolite can be tough to find, but I was lucky to come across a company that had just started distributing it: Shayna’s Kitchen. Shayna’s Kitchen offers a variety of different health-boosting foods and compounds, including ceremonial matcha, a long-time favorite of mine I discovered when touring Japan.

The zeolite was able to rectify some of the worst symptoms of my intestinal problems, greatly expanding the diet my coaches prescribed. I was once again able to eat tomatoes – an experience so sweet I nearly cried!

If you are looking for some A-grade health foods and compounds, there’s no business I would recommend higher than Shayna’s Kitchen. Give the website a look, and do yourself a favor and order some of the matcha. It’s seriously delicious.

Shayna’s Kitchen