Stick It to the Board!

What does a rock star do when he is not being a rock star? What kind of question is that? Well that’s my initial response. I got advice somewhere along the way that when you don’t like a question, answer with a question. Throws people off. I don’t like that question because in my mind, a rock star never stops being a rock star. But for the sake of writing this entry as well as getting an opportunity to share a pretty rockin story, I will explain what a rock star, like myself, does when I am not “being a rock star”.

Believe it or not, sleep is something that has to happen every now and then. There is only so much… caffeine a body can take before basic bodily functions and movement become quite a task to complete. But beyond sleep when I’m not on the rockstar clock, I like to frequent my local watering holes to see if any friends of mine are around and possibly some new tail. I guess that may qualify as still rockin out but since most people can take on this en devour, I consider off the rockstar clock. This leads me to my story.

I show up at my local dive and immediately run into some friends of mine. BOOM! My night is already going well. We start drinking and talking and enjoying what normal people do on a Tuesday night I guess. Suddenly out of no where, this guitarist I’ve known/hated for some time walks in. On man, the rockstar in me was about to go on the clock. This smug bastard decides to walk up and greet my friends and I with some friendly conversation. Considering that the last time we met, the outcome was a broken guitar and some pretty sour words, I was surprised. Not for long! After making the pleasantries, this guy takes a long beat and says “Are you sucking on the guitar, or did you finally quit?”! ROCKSTAR ON DUTY!! My friends had to hold me back. Luckily, good old logical Jimmy was around and offered a suggestion. Why don’t we have a guitar face off to see who is best. Our mutual group of friends and some randoms at the bar would be the judge. DOWN! So I pulled my guitar from my back…yes it’s always there… and we were off to the races. Long story short, it was a tie. The only way we could break a tie in a bar like that without taking it outside and requiring stitches was with darts.


Well stitches were required anyways. Any real Rockstar is fantastic at darts and lucky for me, I was the only real Rockstar in that bar. Unfortunately my opponent was a terrible loser and ended up throwing his last dart directly at me. It was probably his best shot of the night. Sunk right into my chest. He told me he was trying to stick me to the board! What a crazy you know what. He was quickly escorted out of the bar before I could break another guitar on his face. Then I needed to tending to.

Along comes this sweet thing that claimed to be a nurse. She tended to me without hesitation. I was so caught off guard that I barely spoke for the first five minutes that she working on my punctured chest. She had a whole medical kit and everything. When I finally rediscovered my ability to talk I offered to buy her a drink. Since I am a rockstar, one drink turned into a couple… lot more. Eventually she told me that I could be her last patient. Some board was looking to revoke her nursing license because of some mistake she made at home. Not even on the job! WHAT?! But fate got it right that night that we met. Since my run in with my last estate litigation attorney, I took it upon myself to find and know attorneys in a whole bunch of different fields. Fortunately for her, I knew of a firm that specialized in license defense. How did I know about these guys you ask? I have some medical professionals in my family and while they conduct themselves very professionally at work, they still have the rockstar gene that gets them in trouble outside of work. I think its plain stupid that these medical professionals get judged by some medical board for things they don’t do at work. Anyways, I I put her in contact with these amazing license attorneys¬†knowing she would be taken care of. I’ll never forget what she said to me before she left that night… “While I’m glad you didn’t get stuck to the board tonight, I really appreciate you helping me stick it to the medical board!”…. Was it a good pun, no not really. Will I remember it coming out of that beautiful woman? Absolutely.

If you or anyone you know is a medical professional that needs their professional license defended for any reason, please use this licensing attorney. They have helped my family and friends and I have no doubt they helped that beautiful woman keep being a nurse as well. See for yourself, everyone that has worked with them has loved them so far!

That’s all for now! I am one scar more awesome, and I feel pretty good about helping a nurse stay in practice. Who knows, maybe one day she can help me with another scar.


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