Rock With a Bang

As the popularity of a rock star grows, so does the fun and also some problems. Living as wild and free as you want tends not to jive with everyone. Sure, there are so many people that love following people that live life and make decisions like they just don’t matter. I think that living vicariously through people we idolize is just another way to get through the day. Deciding to become a rock star is to become that idol. I think I can say for certain that not a single person that has made it to idol status has done so without burning some bridges, bumping some heads, putting a booger in the punch bowl , or royally pissing off at least two separate groups of people. You can’t get peoples attention by just making great music. You have to embody legendary status and put on a good show both on and off the stage. With all this wild living and fame comes people who are really not going to like you. At all.

Most famous rock stars have a security team that ensures no one with hate in their heart comes too close. And if they do, they are promptly removed from the scene. Even though this is a nice luxury, being able to protect yourself is both necessary and also straight cool. How many views do you think a video would get on YouTube of a famous rock star knocking the lights out of someone who was out to get them? Millions. So while this post isn’t about taking self defense karate classes or whatever popular one the kids take these days, it is about safety.


WHAT?! Did your legendary anonymous possibly once very popular rock star blogger just say the word safety?! Why yes, yes I did. When the vetting and security checks fail, and your personal bodyguard gets overtaken by some person or people that are out to get you, what do you do? You have a safety net. What is this safety net you ask? A gun. Yep a firearm is a great addition to any rock stars persona. But the trick here is this; you don’t flaunt that you have a gun on tour or in public really. You will want to post some sick videos and pics of you out at a range handling some truly nasty firepower but never will you flaunt that you carry one around. And first and foremost, a rule that we all must live by, get certified and trained. Take the best damn CCW class you can find, get your permit, and keep yourself protected. This is also good for ensuring that when you do go out, it will be in a blaze of glory.

So lets recap. When you get famous, you get to have more fun and also more problems. You should probably take some self defense courses for awesome video opportunities, and go out and get your Concealed Carry Weapon permit. And for the love of those around you that you love, go and take some firearm training courses so that you don’t shoot someone you love accidentally in a self defense shoot out.¬† As I normally do, I have a recommendation for anyone reading¬†that was inspired to take action. There is a great group in Orange County that is amazing and everyone seems to love them. Check them out!

Until next time you sexy devils. Keep rockin like there is no tomorrow, like the shortness of your amazingly bright life is about to reach supernova before burning out. Just make sure you can protect yourself so that Supernova doesn’t go off prematurely.


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