Jam on down to the blog where you’ll find everything that rocks and a few things that roll. Everything from 1963 – 1975 fits in the blog that covers any amp that’s ever roared. Other than that we have some sub-pages to cover the kangaroos from down under that kepts rocking for a few years and never left much room for Silver Chair or new wave rock to really fill the enormous school boy shoes. The things that really rock these days are a lot more tame like small business growth and investment opportunities. No longer can you rage from dusk till dusk without a drop of water – you’ve got to look out for local deals in spinal wellness and financial stability. Orange County is a pretty gnarly place if you are comfortable being fiscally responsible and patient waiting for the right real estate agent to show your home. These things are part of growing up in a competitive market, however aging rockers will never let something cover their amp. They’ll turn the new life leaf over and smash a double fat strat on the stupid leaf.

We Thought Our Performance Brought the House Down…

So here I am again, learning more things than I ever thought I would about things I never thought I would. I’ve made it pretty clear at this point that I am dedicated to my lifestyle of rockin til I drop. Well let me tell you something that is entirely frustrating and gets directly in the way of this bitchin lifestyle. Sneaky freaking termites!

Here’s the scoop. I obviously have a place I go where I can jam. A solid studio where I keep most of my instruments and always invite other people over to share in my jamming exploits. I love my studio. I love all the instruments I have in it. I love the way it smells musky and worn. I love the ripped and torn couch that has accumulated way too many different substances over the years. I even love the occasional groupie that swings by and listens to me or us play way too loud and rough on instruments that definitely don’t deserve it but continue making those lovely rock sounds anyways. There is not much I don’t love about that studio. So there I am one evening jamming out with some of my best pals and we are on it! We are actually making some great tunes and most of it is improvisation which makes the whole jamming experience feel godlike. We lay into this stream of music we’ve been on for almost five minutes and it feels like the music keeps getting better and louder. We are coming to a crescendo when suddenly, my stage collapses from under us. I nearly broke my leg, the bass got away unscathed fortunately for him, and the drummer ended up with his entire backside bruised all to hell. At first, we thought we jammed so hard the stage broke. AWESOME! Quickly after that thought we were swarmed with the truth quite literally. A swarm of termites came up from the wood that used to be my stage. I wondered what those flying bugs were that kept popping up recently. I just never slowed down to look into it. Not my lifestyle. Needless to say, I needed help. So I looked up some people online and on Yelp and found the guys that eradicated my termite infestation for good! Natural Science Exterminating in Garden Grove showed up almost as soon as I called and saved the day. Unfortunately, my stage was lost but at least all the other wooden things in my studio won’t crumble to pieces at my next jam session.

As always, if you don’t feel comfortable with my rocking recommendation, verify for your pretty little self on Yelp. These guys live up to their reputation AND they do it all naturally! That’s right, that wonderful musky smell I loved so much about my studio didn’t have to be overtaken by some obscene chemical smell. It gets to stay just as it is. Can’t say the same for those termites. Natural Science Exterminating really should be your go to guys for termite control. Here’s the Yelp!


Once you take your gander and realize these guys really are the real deal and will take care of your termite infestation issues, map em! They serve all of Orange County and are located in Garden Grove. While I will never be a preemptive planner, I know that if I need to react to another termite control issue, Natural Science Exterminating will be hearing from me again. Here’s the map!


Until the next time folks! I’ll make sure to chime in soon to leave another rocking golden nugget for y’all as soon as I find one.

Big Dreams, Big Money, Have a Rockin Plan

Staying in the lime light is no easy task. With so many up and coming rock artists trying to stake their claim where your flag may already be flying really keeps you on your toes. Luckily, once that flag has been flying for so long creating fame a wealth, many resources are at your disposal to keep your name on that flag by effectively crushing the little baby rock star that may be threatening your reign.

Contrary to popular belief, many rock stars recognize the power of their wealth, fame, and all the wonderful rock goodies that come along with it. We know that a rock star that lives too long usually loses their reign. If we are lucky, our lives end early in a blaze of glory ensuring our existence as legends in history effectively making us immortal. When that day comes, what happens to all our wealth and power? Well, the will  I wrote one inebriated night when I realized in a fit of drug induced rage that my wealth would have to go somewhere when my last day came states it goes to some people I think. Was I clear in that document? No idea. My life is too fast to stop and review something like that. So where does that leave my estate when I’m gone? In the trusting hands of a estate litigation attorney who is proficient in probate administration.

Where do you find one of those? Right here dummy. I’ve had the pleasure of finding a fantastic attorney that informed me that all would be taken care of given my current circumstances. I’ve met with quite a few attorneys on the subject so far and not one of them understands my lifestyle.

Probate Lawyer

They all wanted me to “change my outlook” about how I was leaving things behind. No. Just no. Its not the rock way. Just when I thought it would probably all go to shambles, I found Coast Litigation LLC. They eased my worries with all of their probate administration experience. I knew they would make sure everything in my will would get where it needed to go. I could continue my rock lifestyle without slowing down or worrying about a thing. If you don’t take my rockin opinion to heart the way you should, check out these guys on Yelp! Let others persuade you to make Coast Litigation LLC your estate litigation solution.

Yelp: https://www.yelp.com/biz/coast-litigation-irvine

In the event you do take this rock legends legendary advice on who’s capable hands you should leave your estate, check out how to find these rocking attorneys below. I promise you wont regret it.

This is one rock star sharing some love so that others out there who’s flags are flying high and proud don’t have to worry about what happens after death except that their legend will live on in bada** rock infamy among the rock gods of old. Rock on Coast Litigation LLC! Thanks for keeping this rock star rockin.


Shape up for the road

Being on tour for several years now has taught me some things. For example: Who knew that a diet of whiskey and cold pizza could take a toll on the body? Going from Robert Plant at the Garden to Jack Black at the Palladium isn’t an easy transition to watch. Even us rockstars have to do something to keep the rockstar image. That’s where Jeri comes in.

Jeri Lynn Sunok of FItness Intuitive

Check out this article Jeri wrote in Glamour:

Beat bra bulge

If you can stand a few odd looks from your coworkers, using your desk to perform wide-angle push-ups will help tone the flabby part of the sides of the chest, says Jeri Lynn Sunok, a trainer and founder of Fitness Intuitive in Orange County, California. Place hands a little more than shoulder-width apart on the edge of your desk, with your palms down and fingers pointing forward. Walk four to five feet away from the desk, and keep the knees locked and together. Lean your hips toward the floor, and don’t let your butt stick out. Keeping your abs tight, bend at the elbows and lower your chest to the top of the desk. Hold for six seconds. Repeat eight times.
Well the guys don’t exactly have the same issue with bra bulge (except Tony) but we all started doing this exercise in the tour bus and saw a major difference.
I actually came to meet her through a friend who asked me to check out Jeri Lynn Sunok – Fitness Intuitive on Facebook. A buddy of mine – I won’t say who except his name might rhyme with Shmon Shmovi – said he lost a real beer gut and put on lean muscle before going on his steel horse tour. He had a lot of great things to say about our fitness mentor. See if you can spot which alias he’s using on her Fitness Intuitive’s reviews
Since the gang started liking their results, they found that they were getting impatient for gains to come. I guess they were tired of the Springsteen look and wanted more of a Drake at Coachella look. I suppose there’s something about seeing amazing fitness results that makes you want to keep pushing for more. I guess there’s also the instagram effect where all of the attractive people spend so much time taking pictures of themselves, they only focus on ‘the bigger fish’ in the scrolling. That’s what I love about Jeri Lynn Sunok’s Instagram because it’s genuinely encouraging. Just because I see a huge dude with ripped delts doesn’t exactly make me encouraged I just am left with a disappointing comparison. Jeri posts some pretty inspirational things on her feed.
It is no surprise she is as good as she is considering all she’s accomplished in her fitness career. We’ve won a grammy and a couple choice awards but still nothing compared to the rap sheet Jeri’s got. Personally I’ve never been one for shiny medals and dusty plaques but I do like titles. Helps me work them into song lyrics for those humblebrag tracks. Jeri Sunok would make for a great track with all she’s accomplished as a fitness mentor.


Anyways, If you’re looking to keep shreddin solos, try shredding your core at the same time. Give our girl a call


Jeri Lynn Sunok – Fitness Intuitive
2115 San Joaquin Hills Rd, Newport Beach, CA 92660
(949) 370-7190


Until next time, keep on rockin.

Escape the City – Run for the hills

Escape the City – Run for the hills

The life of a rockstar is one of volume in every sense. How much how loud how fast how long. The success of a star depends on the unwavering emanation of light, heat, energy. That heat can never cool down and the lights can only get brighter or else other stars steal all the attention. What is a superstar to do when the stage lights flicker out and the amps crackle off? Escape way WAY off the grid. Try Keystone Colorado. Their over-zealous travel brochures sure seem to romanticize the mountainscape while giving a rosy outline of all the living options in the area. In a shiny nutshell, here’s what the realtor cat had to say:

So you’ve determined to see with Keystone this winter, now comes the challenging part, where to stay? The mountain itself is composed of three separate peaks that line up from North Dercum, North Peak, and the Outback, each offering it’s own unique terrain and features. Dercum Mountain is the furthest peak North and it’s front side offers the only two access points to River Run, the entire mountain and Mountain House.

Of the two base areas, River Run is the newer of the two and is called the main Hamlet, where both the Summit Express chair and the gondola lift pick up and take you to the top of Dercum Mountain. This village features a pedestrian-only walking place, with plenty of adorable boutiques, ski rental shops, coffee shops and restaurants. There is an outside overnight ski bill near the gondola and bathrooms and lockers inside ticketing office and the season pass. The only thing this base area is really lost is a central ‘ski lodge’, but making up for it are plenty of restaurants within walking distance of the slopes. The Kickapoo Tavern is a fun place to have lunch or an apres ski beer, with a big outside veranda that looks out on the slopes. There are a bunch of River Run condos that are all within yards of the gondola, including Black Bear, Jackpine, Arapahoe, the Springs, Silver Mill, Dakota, Buffalo, Expedition Station and Red Hawk Lodge. The two authentic ski-in, ski-out properties at Keystone are Lone Eagle and the Timbers, which are actually then and across the Snake River Bridge just past the gondola up the inclines a couple of yards from the Village.

Both foundations are home to rental shops, skier services and ski schools. Mountain House has an excellent beginner’s place with a magic carpet and easy chair lift. Beginner terrain that is similar can be found by you at the mid-mountain gondola stop and on top near Schoolmarm. You will also find a lift ticket office here at the base near the two chair lifts, the Peru and Argentine. You are taken by the Peru Lift to the top of Area 51, in addition to some blue and green runs and you’re able to be back to the River Run Base area in just one run or hop on the quick mid-mountain Montezuma lift to head up to the top.

Timber Ridge Properties for sale are excellent investment properties at the moment while the market is in high demand. Timber Ridge condos are exceptional and very popular, most feature a private hot tub with a slopeside view! Slopeside Condominiums are just steps from the lifts, and are another great alternative at Mountain House. There are quite a few properties within walking distance to the mountain at a fraction of the price here that are. Only ski down, if you are feeling the need to stop by the chief village or take a shuttle!

Additionally, there are plenty of lodging choices outside of the two principal hamlets. Settler’s Creek in East Keystone is one of the hottest and newest housing developments to the resort and feature beautiful multi-story town houses with garages and magnificent views of the surrounding mountains. In the centre of the neighborhood is ‘Minnie’s Cottage’, a central recreational gathering spot, complete with grill, hot tub, pool table, a heated outdoor pool, and hangout place to barbeques and host gatherings.

Keystone Resort hosts a free resort shuttle that will take you just about anyplace you need to go within Keystone and the shuttle services complexes that are most accommodation. Most rides to the slopes from everywhere in Keystone are 10 minutes or less! There is also a free county-wide transit system called the Summit Stage helping to make it very simple to get around in the high country with no car. The Denver International Airport is just a mere 90 minutes away and there are numerous shuttle businesses that’ll take you to and from the airport. Condos in Gore trail are some of the quickest access for those snowbunnies looking to minimize their time from tarmack to gondola.

If you’re willing to stay outside of the chief hamlets at Keystone, you’ll frequently be able to find better deals and prices on your own accommodations. Be certain you choose a property management company that lets you decide the exact property you are staying at so you are going to know what you may anticipate and can plan your trip in advance. If you’ve got a big group, ask your property manager about renting a private home! Wherever you stay in Keystone, you’ll find it is very simple to find everything you might be looking for and more!

In essence, the volume must always go up along with the energy and the passion but when the crowd finally goes home; when the release parties are over and the greatest hits have been stamped – there is peace. The perfect place to switch off the amps might very well be the mountains. In the mean time though, keep on rockin.

Ensuring Confidence

There are a lot of what-ifs that can cloud the excitement of life. When people throw around phrases like “All it takes is one accident” or similarly cautionary phrases to entirely kill the fun. That’s not to say life should be lived with wreckless abandon but it’s a testament to how good it can feel to always be ready. There’s a rockstar insurance agent in Capistrano Beach who’s catchphrase is “Ready Feels Good” as if he knows exactly what I’m thinking.

Rick Hackett - Farmer's Insurance - San Juan Capistrano, CA, United States

How am I supposed to backflip off a roof into a hotel pool on a dare if I’m unsure it’s a safe decision? Well obviously it’s an unsafe decision but rocking this hard means I have to play equally hard. The house keeps rockin no matter the day of the week and I need to know I can keep my foot to the floor without any risk of finding rock bottom. That’s where having good insurance kicks in. My guy gets what it means to live life without stressing the details.

When I’m on the road traveling time without a clue where I am or when, the last thing I want to have to remember is how much is too much. I need the going to be fast and loose and know that if anything goes genuinely wrong, my insurance will cover it. Whether I smashed a guitar, a hotel room, or my tibia I know that I have the policies in place to cover every one of them and should the party go all the way to 11, my umbrella policy can help with the overflow. Never would I have even known what an umbrella policy was it if weren’t for my talented insurance guy.

For example, I was on the road about 8 months ago rolling through Tallahassee or Greensboro or some other weird named southern city – all I remember was the humidity was murder. Anyway in that butter-thick southern air, the walls of the tour bus started to swell. Before you know it the plasmas I have mounted on the walls started to pull right out of the expanding wood. One 60-incher fell right off the wall, onto my guitar. The crash was so loud it startled the driver who swerved onto the rutted shoulder, and the band jet ski on a trailer off the back of the bus came loose and rolled right into a swamp. Now there are laws about mixing salt water and fresh water in the ballast of a watercraft so we had to just leave the bike out there in the swamp. I thought we were up a creek (or whatever flows into marshes) but my man rick hooked it up! My homeowner policy covered the wall because the bus is my maison, my toy policy covered my jet skis, and my umbrella policy helped cover my guitar -Mjolnr. I couldn’t believe it.



Check out my man on yelp at Rick Hackett Insurance – San Juan Capistrano

Or stop by

Rick Hackett Insurance

Ste K2, 33161 Camino Capistrano, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

(949) 943-3610



The moral of the story is never to let your hesitations keep you from rocking as hard as possible. Just keep yourself protected with good insurance in the mean time!

Quick Shoutout to the most personable guy on the coast

Sometimes all a band really needs is a getaway driver, other times we just need a 4am breakfast burrito, but the most difficult need to fill sometimes is a place to crash. Sure the bus is the obvious decision but when you’re down 4 bp games and the roadies are no where to be found to help you stumble back, every couch in sight starts to look more and more inviting. If you’re ever going to make the cover of the rolling stone, best not to have photos floating around of drunken couch diving at a random acquaintance’s house. The single best way to avoid this fate is to have a sweet crash pad of your own! Even the higher end bougey cribs up in the hills still come with early morning selfie-crazed groupies or pushy house keepers prodding your hungover head like a hibernating bear. Owning a sweet beach house of your own cuts out all the middlemen. Last week when the band was wrapping up a show at an unnamed pro-skater down in South County, we ran into a guy who hooked us up with the sweetest place we’ve ever partied. Right on the water and littered with comfy corners to crash. He’s probably the best Dana Point real estate agent I’ve ever met, not just because he was so good at getting us a literally perfect pad, but because the guy could shred a wave like nobody’s business!

An all around good guy and fun person to kick it with, I couldn’t more highly recommend this guy. I’m pretty sure his first game is being a San Clemente realtor but if that doesn’t work out, he’s got a ton sick other things going for him. If you want the best south county has to offer, hit him up.

Here are his details,
Aloe Real Estate – San Clemente Real Estate

158 W Avenida Ramona Suite 100
San Clemente, CA 92672
(949) 290-1082

Rock the Coast

From the border to the bay and back up again, the golden coast does not refer to the corporate machine of a coastline in Long Island. Long Beach is more a part of the Golden coast than Martha’s Vineyard any day because of the prevalence of cultural roots and artistic richness. Ask someone in Cape Cod what an artist is and they will likely name some high renaissance idiot who meant something to someone when anatomic inquiry was the cutting edge of social and scientific inquiry because of the globally oppressive nature of religion. In today’s artistic scene, the technical skill of a baroque craftsman is impressive but no more impressive than an identical 3D printed replica that does not sacrifice any detail of “expression” because machines can replicate perfect human work and better. Today, art demands creativity beyond utilitarian corruption. Best practice is respectable up unto the age of research and publishable progress. As soon as ideas could be tested against the crowd sourced knowledge of society and the (albeit limited) educated populous, ‘genius’ started to take on a much more exclusive role. Capitalist growth demands today certainly have space for art today; just a smaller segment. Besides those enthusiasts who would rather pay the likes of a goatee with a more sophisticated verbal palate than artistic one, some officianadoes require that artistic expression involve the level of internal dedication that masters of old sacrificed. Neo-Dada BS no longer cuts it when free market is not swayed by the masses but rather by the ability to deliver. By these standards, one could consider salespersonship a very under-appreciated art. Accountants and gold diggers certainly appreciate it but in the same way that canvass salesmen love rothko. Its hard not to see selling as a purely utilitarian practice when you consider its goals but the variety of ways to approach selling and the glaringly obvious differences between an amateur and an expert start to elucidate the true art involved. On a macro scale, consider that entire economies ride on the ability of effective selling to produce commerce and the Spartan image of selling takes on a more Hellenistic charm.  In real estate, every sale demands excellence whether or not it presents itself. Consider a market like Aliso Viejo where real estate tends to sell for upwards of 750k. All cash buyers are not likely to stumble into a sale. A commission like that would not bring half hearted salespeople to the table, it would scare them off to used car lots and furnace sales. The crazy and the bold look for real estate in Aliso Viejo California and sell it like its a fresco seiko or a concerto or a woodstock closer. Art comes in all varieties and the biggest stages like Aliso Viejo favor the bol and the crazy because it takes both to walk home victorious in real estate.


Aliso Viejo free thinkers join and jam here

Adjust the Reverb

Adjust the Reverb

You can’t expect to kill it on stage if you don’t stretch first. Soft tissue matters even more as you get into the later stages of rocking it. The prime reason the Rolling Stones broke up was because Mick Jagger simply lost his moves after halting his regular chiropractic treatment. These are all facts if you don’t look them up. Just  remember that the root of all evil in the world is spinosacral misalignment. Some of the biggest critical blow back on bands who aspire to soaring critical acclaim comes from their inability to recognize the difference in between heat and ice in physiological terms. Vasoconstriction reduces swelling like you need after that crowd dive that almost worked until the two people in the “front” row couldn’t hold a 220 pound man. Vasodialation relaxes muscle tension and increases bloodflow like you need before tossing up your double bacon cheeseburger on your way to the stage.  Any chiropractor in town can tell you that sitting on an amp hunched over your ax all day will eventually aggravate discs enough to skip a track or two. You can find some excellent chiropractors over at exact chiropractic in Orange CA or you can call them at 1600doctorb the “B is for bargain”- Dr. Nick. Besides simple spinal safety, wise investment is a pretty crunchy toon for you aging rockers. Imagine you are sitting on a gold mine while you go mint some platinum while a 2-bit hackjob cracks your cheap safe and steals every ounce of gold you’ve mined in the last 3 months. Awful am I right? When the sun is beating down on the beast (see significance of Zoso symbol) crazy things tend to happen like room safes emptying. A smarter investment than sticking all that cash in a safe would have been to cash in on the mineral rich lands on which the band had its practice space or the territory on which they had some of their biggest shows around New York and Texas. All Jimmy would have had to do was check out one of his buddies who knew about texas mineral rights title research and an American Landman would have solved the entire problem.


Sound investments would have made this timeless gem of musical perfection even louder:



That Zoso symbol I was talking about earlier mixes the Z looking symbol which is the occult simbili for Saturn or Capricorn. Capricorn being Jimmy Page’s astrological sign and Saturn being one of his idols when he owned a bookstore. The oso is sometimes recognized as the symbol for the beast or possibly the magickal name of the artist who referenced the original zoso symbol in its entirety in the 16th century book of symbols of the occult and magic. Local businesses need a little more rock and roll. Bring it to them today while remembering where to find your best neighborhood chiropractor and keeping your investments protected by sinking them into land management projects run by professionals over at American Landman. SMALL BUSINESSES DO IT LIVE!

Music Is My Leverage

Music calms the mind and helps you pursue goals.

Watch the Masters